We get a ton of questions about used book donations, types of books we accept, when we accept used books, & more. Please take time to read through this page before coming!

Q: What types of books do you buy?

Book categories we accept and do not accept are listed at the bottom of this page.

We accept books in accordance with our niche ONLY. We are selective. Books must be clean, in very good condition, without any writing or library marks. Hardcover books generally must come with the dust jacket.

We stock science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, and children’s books only. We stock books for all ages. We DO NOT accept textbooks.


Q: When can I bring my books to the store? How many can I bring in at a time?

We accept used books Monday through Friday between noon and 5PM. We accept up to two (2) medium boxes or bags at one time. Please no large plastic tubs or bins.

We may not be able to review your books quickly or immediately if we are busy or if you bring in more than a dozen books at a time. In this case, we will request that you leave your books with us for later review and fill out our book intake form. This form will authorize us to proceed to try to sell any of the books we end up accepting, and you will promise to return within two weeks to take back any books we decline. If you do not return within two weeks, we will give away the declined books for free on our front porch free library.

If you have a particularly large science fiction or fantasy collection for sale, please call the store or e-mail us at to arrange for a house call for us to review the books.


Q: How much do you pay for used books?

We give STORE CREDIT ONLY for used books. The amount of store credit you receive will be determined based on the condition of the books and how much we think they can sell for in the store.


Q: Why won’t you take all of my books?

We are a niche genre fiction bookstore, and some books fall into categories we do not sell. We also cannot accept books that are not in good condition. We may already have more than one copy of the book in stock. Or maybe our experience with the particular book has taught us that it will not sell quickly enough for us to stock it. There are many reasons we may not accept books. Please understand that we are not a library or a book donation dropoff center. We are a retail establishment that will only accept books we know we can resell.


Q: Can I just donate the books you won’t take?

No. We appreciate the thought, but we have very limited space, and we do not have the time to give away books we cannot sell. We recommend donating these books to a nonprofit organization such as Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners, a local library or school, or a thrift shop.


TYPES OF BOOKS WE LOVE TO ACCEPT (although we can’t use every single book):

  • Science Fiction, especially older sci-fi
  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult
  • Middle Grade
  • Vintage (pre-1980) Science Fiction & Fantasy Paperbacks
  • Graphic Novels
  • Geeky Nonfiction (Felicia Day’s autobiography, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Randall Munroe, books on cosplay, books about fandoms, etc.)
  • Newest Editions of RPG Books



  • Regular Nonfiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Romance Novels
  • Older Versions of RPG Books
  • Audiobooks/Books on Tape/CDs/DVDs
  • Book Club Editions 
  • Ex-Library Books
  • Books With Highlighting/Writing In Them
  • Coffee Table Photo Books
  • Travel Books
  • Art Books (We may make an exception for geek art)
  • Hardcover Books Missing the Original Dust Jacket
  • Magazines (We may make an exception for vintage science fiction/fantasy magazines)
  • Yard Sale/Garage Sale Leftovers
  • Textbooks
  • Computer Program/Application Books
  • Cookbooks/Diet Books
  • Encyclopedias/Dictionaries
  • Foreign Language Books
  • Memoirs/Biographies/Autobiographies
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Cliff’s Notes
  • Sports Books
  • Time-Life, National Geographic, or Similar Series Books

Please keep in mind that we have very limited space for storage. We generally do not have room to stock duplicate books, and our need for particular titles or types of books may fluctuate.