What is Margins Bookstores Month?

#MarginsBookstores is a celebration of bookstores owned and managed by and for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Disabled, and Neurodiverse communities during the month of October. In case you weren’t aware, Tubby & Coo’s is queer, neurodiverse, and disabled owned!

This is a community collaboration coordinated by The Word | A Storytelling Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization fighting for cultural equity through the literary arts. Authentic cultural representation leads us in understanding what the world is and can be; stories lead us in imaging the tomorrow we need. To learn about the current lack of equitable representation in literature and how you can help uplift expression from marginalized communities visit www.thewordfordiversity.org.

All events are free, but you must register for some. 

Learn more about Margins Bookstores Month here.

The Margins Bookstores Journal celebrates our community of #MarginsBookstores. Learn more about your favorite bookstores & keep your travel notes as you explore them.
Bookstores build magic. Follow the butterfly wings, or climb the mauve vine, or root into the very earth beneath to find that community is not in the margins, but bubbling brightly all around.
Support Margins Bookstores every day with these t-shirts, tote bags, and coffee mugs. All purchases will be split among the participating bookstores, including us.
Buy & read the 2021 Margins Bookstores Choice Award Winners & Nominees. Nominated and selected by the #MarginsBookstores collective, these awards recognize outstanding literary works that represent the multitudes in our communities.

Virtual Event Schedule

*All Times Listed are CST. Please note that some events require registration, although all events are free.


October 9 at 6:30PM

October 11 at 5:00PM


[margins.] conference director, Suzi Q. Smith, will host Mariame Kaba in discussing We Do This ‘Til We Free Us: Abolitionist Organizing and Transforming Justice, the winner of the Activating Read MBM Award! Registration Required 

Author R.O. Kwon, ed. Kink: Stories, winner of the MBM Joy Award, will be in conversation with author and Kink contributor Zeyn Joukhadar. Registration Required