8 Days of Love & Torture Gift Recommendations: Haters Gonna Hate Part II

Haters Gonna Hate Part I featured Voodoo, grumpiness, and wishing someone would get eaten by a shark. For Part II, we decided to feature some of the fun (and new) horror toys we have in the shop. And, if there’s anyone who actually reads these posts, there’s something in it for you. Come into the shop any time between now and Sunday, tell us the secret password, and get 20% off your entire purchase. Yep. TWENTY PERCENT. It’s the highest discount we’ve offered. What’s the secret password? You must say “You’re my precious” in the voice of Gollum. Let’s see how many people actually read these things…


Punishmints, $3








Zombie Mints – They taste like BRAAAIIINNS!, $3

Zombie Mints






Passport to Hell Notebook, $4

Hell Passport







Sex Criminals, $10

Sex Criminals











Zombie Sleep Mask, $5

Zombie Sleep Mask









Glow in the Dark Zombie Play Set, $20












Remote Controlled Zombie, $30

RC Zombie