We have a podcast! In collaboration with WRBH reading radio, we have a weekly podcast called Novel Ideas where we discuss news and events in the book world. New episodes will be posted every Wednesday. Click the WRBH logo above to check out what we have to say!

Join us on Saturday, September 3 for Retro Geek Night! Where 80s and 90s kids get together and bask in nostalgia. Join us as we eat Dunkaroos, squeeze our Kool-Aid Kool Bursts, and watch Labyrinth!

Check out our "Interview with a Bookstore" feature on Lit Hub and The Guardian! Owner Candice Huber talks about what we'd do if we expanded, the biggest surprise about running a bookstore, and the weirdest situation we've encountered (read: possible alien). Plus, book recommendations!


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STORE PHONE: 504-598-5536