Welcome to the Carnival of Creatures!


Louisiana Monsters of Lore & Legend are Here to Play...

Answer the call to adventure in a land of haunted rolling hills and dark dangerous bayous.

Inside Carnival of Creatures, you’ll find 20 monsters straight from Louisiana myth, lore, and legend with vivid illustrations and robust descriptions and stats to help breathe life (or death) into your roleplaying experience. Based in the Fate Core system, these monsters can be used in your own adventures, or you can play one of our three provided regional one-shot adventures.

Spice up your table top with this collection of creatures from the hills of Natchitoches to the depths of the Crescent City!

Preorder by September 1 and get a set of monster trading cards (20, one card for each monster in the book), AND an 8×10 print of the book cover!

20 Bone Chilling Monsters Straight from Louisiana Lore

The Loup Garou

The Honey Island Swamp Monster


Three One-shot Regional Adventures Provided

Carnival of Creatures provides THREE harrowing regional one-shot adventures  featuring New Orleans, Natchitoches/North Louisiana, and the Bayou/Deep South Louisiana. Play the adventures as provided to get acquainted with the monsters and concept or use them as inspiration for your own monster of the week Louisiana adventure!

Preorder by September 1 and get a set of monster trading cards (20, one card for each monster in the book), AND an 8×10 print of the book cover!

Powered by the Fate Core System

Carnival of Creatures is a guidebook to using monsters of Louisiana myth & legend in your tabletop roleplaying experience. The guide is designed for use with the Fate Core system roleplaying game, published by Evil Hat Productions. Fate and Fate Core are trademarks of Evil Hat Productions and are used here under Open Game License Version 1.0a; however, our material has not been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by Evil Hat Productions. Special thanks to Evil Hat Productions & Ebon Gryphon Games for making Fate Core and Collectanea Creaturae so easy to license!

Full Color, Vivid illustrations by Alexis Braud

Carnival of Creatures includes full color, vivid illustrations for all 20 monsters, drawn by local Louisiana artist Alexis Braud.

Alexis has always been a little odd. She was born at Hotel D’ieu in New Orleans, and her family believes this is where all the trouble started. She grew up along Bayou Lafourche on the coast, but traveled for many years. It was among the outcasts and iconoclasts that Alexis honed her prodigious storytelling skills, often spinning fanciful yarns to avoid a harrowing death. After being rescued by her true love, she returned to her home along the bayou. Her days are spent tending her chickens, telling stories, making art, and herding her children.   

In Collaboration with Candice Huber

Way back in December 2019, in the before times, Alexis met Candice Huber, owner of Tubby & Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop, for the first time, and we discovered that we not only have the same wedding anniversary, but we’re also both huge nerds. Candice had this idea to do some type of “Louisiana Monster Manual,” but can’t draw even a stick person, and Alexis got really excited about the idea. Thus, Carnival of Creatures was born. Alexis did ALL the artwork, and Alexis and Candice worked together on the monster descriptions, statistics, and adventures. Candice handles the business side of publishing, logistics, and graphic design, and Alexis happily does EVERY BIT of the drawing and collaborates on marketing as well. We think we make a great team, and we hope you enjoy our passion project!

The Monster List

Wondering what monsters we decided to include? Here’s the full list of all 20 monsters you can look forward to playing with, in no particular order:

  1. The Ghost of The Axeman of New Orleans
  2. The Carter Brothers
  3. Coffin Cutters (Devil Crawfish)
  4. The Grunch
  5. The Kooshma
  6. The Maschoiron
  7. The Lutin
  8. Feu Follet
  9. The Rougarou
  10. The Loup Garou
  11. The Arglefargin
  12. The Honey Island Swamp Monster
  13. La Capitane
  14. Haints
  15. Broceliende
  16. King Gator
  17. Bonhomme
  18. Letiche
  19. The Grim
  20. Madame De Grand Doits

Preorder by September 1 and get a set of monster trading cards (20, one card for each monster in the book), AND an 8×10 print of the book cover!