Choose Your Own Adventure with Kyandreia Jones

Tubby & Coo's Virtual Event with Kyandreia Jones, Wednesday, November 11, 6PM Central

Join us on Wednesday, November 11 at 6pm CT as we host Choose Your Own Adventure author Kyandreia Jones. We’ll read through a portion of an adventure and do a Q&A. This event will livestream to Facebook, YouTube, and our website homepage.

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Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Mary Bowser by Kyandreia Jones puts YOU in the shoes of real-life Civil War heroine, Mary Bowser. 9-12 year old readers will join an organized ring of women who spy in plain sight to help the Union during the Civil War. Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Mary Bowser is an interactive adventure book in which YOU decide what happens next.

YOU are a brave and fearless woman. You can ride standing on the back of a horse while shooting a bow and arrow. You never go anywhere without your sword. But your best skill of all is your ability to disguise yourself. Will YOU infiltrate the Confederate White House, posing as a servant, and gather information for the Union?


Kyandreia Jones received a Creative Writing BFA from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. She was born and raised in South Florida. When she thinks of home she likes to muse that she is in a “sunshine state of mind.” Jones’ poetry and prose has been published in various college literary publications and magazines such as Red Weather, Grasping Roots, The Black List Journal and The Underground. Opportunities like having her first short story “At Home” published by Living Spring Publishers in Stories Through the Ages, College Edition 2017 inspired Jones to take her writing to new heights. Working for Choose Your Own Adventure has been the highlight of Jones’ career and she cannot wait to see what other adventures await her! Jones values reading, writing, laughing, and promoting universal kindness. She lives in the Miami area with her dog, Noble.

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Choose Your Own Adventure Spies: Mary Bowser
Choose Your Own Adventure Spies: James Armistead Lafayette