An Evening with J.M. Redmann, H.N. Hirsch, & Greg Herren

11/14/2023 @ 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM America/Chicago Timezone

Tubby & Coo’s Book Shop is pleased to host an evening with queer mystery authors J.M. Redmann, H.N. Hirsch, and Greg Herren. This event will be held digitally via Crowdcast.

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Transitory, $18.95
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About the Books


The cops blow it off, another Black transgender woman who surprised a customer with what was under the dress–bad luck she was pushed out of the car and then hit by another vehicle. But Micky Knight witnessed it, crossing the street at the right–or wrong–time, only yards away from what didn’t look at all like an accident to her. The woman was dressed more like a librarian than a sex worker. It’s not her case, she was just walking home from a local bar. No ID was found on the victim, and the only clue is an appointment card with cryptic initials, CJ at CC. Micky has a good idea what they mean–Cordelia James at CrescentCare, a local health clinic that sees many transgender clients. Cordelia, a doctor and her ex. Micky doesn’t want to get involved, but there will be no justice if she doesn’t. As she investigates, she uncovers a family in turmoil and ugly secrets–ones people will kill for.


Newly minted 25-year-old lawyer Bob Abramson joins the DA’s office in San Diego and soon finds himself leading an investigation into the politically charged murder of the mayor’s husband, a powerful, wealthy developer with far too many secrets for his wife’s political ambitions.

Bob’s first encounter with murder occurred four years previously, when his roommate, the scion of an old Boston family, was murdered and the case was investigated by the victim’s Harvard professor, Marcus George. As the investigation developed, Bob and Marcus, naturally, fell in love.

Now, Bob has completed law school and landed a job as an Assistant District Attorney in San Diego, and Marcus has accepted a new position at UC San Diego. As they settle in to their new home, they’re thrust into the investigation and its political ramification, and they find that a gay subculture roils much of southern California’s placidly straight surface.


Glam artist Jem Richard loved making New Orleans’ society mavens feel beautiful—but doesn’t like being stiffed. He reluctantly agrees to help with the make-up for the fall fashion show for the House of Mercereau, but demand payment up front after what happened the last time—when designer Marigny Mercereau’s check bounced. But no one warned him before he arrives, brushes and make-up palettes in hand, that the models he’ll be working on are drag queens! Pressed into service when one of the queens doesn’t show Jim wows the crowds and slays his fellow queens with his style and presentation on the runway. But between trips down the runway (and tequila shots for courage), Jim starts noticing bits and pieces of conversations and arguments showing all is not well behind the scenes of the House of Mercereau, and everyone seems to want Marigny dead. When her body is discovered the next morning, Jim finds himself in the sites of a killer! Jim puts on his best Shirley Holmes deerstalker cap and starts tracing the clues to help that handsome police detective—who may or may not be flirting with him—catch the killer before the killer catches Jem.

The Golden Notebook Bookstore has been Woodstock New York’s fiercely independent bookstore for over close to fifty years. We launched the Golden Notebook Press in 2023 as a way to publish books and authors we believe in and that we know can sell to wide audience as our store reaches not only our artistic community, but thousands of annual tourists from around the world. We hope to keep books in print that are vital to the artistic and literary needs of our diverse customer base, find new exciting subjects and voices, and promote the Catskills and Hudson Valley region we are so proud to call our home.

About the Authors

J.M. Redmann is the author of a mystery series featuring New Orleans private detective Michele “Micky” Knight. Her 2013 release, Ill Will, made the American Library Association GLBT Roundtable’s Over the Rainbow list. Her previous book Water Mark was also on the Over the Rainbow list and won a Fore Word Gold First Place mystery award. Two of her earlier books, The Intersection of Law & Desire and Death of a Dying Man, have won Lambda Literary Awards; all but her first book have been nominated. Law & Desire was an Editor’s Choice of the San Francisco Chronicle and a recommended book on NPR’s Fresh Air. Her books have been translated into Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, and Hebrew. She is the co-editor with Greg Herren of three anthologies, Night Shadows: Queer HorrorWomen of the Mean Streets: Lesbian Noir, and Men of the Mean Streets: Gay Noir. Redmann lives in an historic neighborhood in New Orleans, at the edge of the area that flooded.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, with advanced degrees from Princeton University, H.N. Hirsch is the Erwin N. Griswold Professor of Politics Emeritus at Oberlin College in Ohio, where he also held a joint appointment from 2005-2014 in Comparative American Studies; served as Acting Chair of the Department of Politics in 2010-2011; and was Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 2005-06. He began his career at Harvard, where he was Head Tutor in the Department of Government; he later served as Director of the Legal Studies Program at Macalester College; and chaired the Department of Political Science at the University of California at San Diego and at Macalester. He is the author or editor of “Office Hours: One Academic Life” (2016); “A Theory of Liberty: The Constitution and Minorities” (1992); and “The Enigma of Felix Frankfurter” (1981/2014); and editor of “The Future of Gay Rights in America” (2005). Among his areas of legal expertise are Constitutional law and jurisprudence; modern political theory; and gender and sexuality.

Greg Herren is a New Orleans-based author and editor. He is co-founder of the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, which takes place in New Orleans every spring. He is the author of thirty-three novels, including the Lambda Literary Award winning Murder in the Rue Chartres, called by the New Orleans Times-Picayune “the most honest depiction of life in post-Katrina New Orleans published thus far.” He co-edited Love, Bourbon Street: Reflections on New Orleans which also won the Lambda Literary Award. His young adult novel Sleeping Angel won the Moonbeam Gold Medal for Excellence in Young Adult Mystery/Horror, and Lake Thirteen won the silver. He co-edited Night Shadows: Queer Horror, which was shortlisted for the Shirley Jackson Award.

He has published over fifty short stories in markets as varied as Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine to the critically acclaimed anthology New Orleans Noir to various websites, literary magazines and anthologies. His erotica anthology FRATSEX is the all time best selling title for Insightout Books. He has worked as an editor for Bella Books, Harrington Park Press and now Bold Strokes books. 

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Transitory, $18.95
Fault Line, $22.95
Death Drop, $18.95