Board Gaming

Board Gaming at Tubby & Coo's

We offer robust gaming opportunities, including a Board Game Club, game rentals, a board game exchange program, and a play-testing program for indie game designers. Gaming has never been easier!

Experience our board Game Club

Our Board Game Club features more than 200 different games, from loveable classics like Jumanji and Catan to strategy games like Agricola. Whether you’re looking to play an in-depth strategy game or a quick, 10-minute time filler, we’ve got you covered! $5 lets you play all day. $25 annual memberships are available, which includes discounts and special perks.

Rent Our Games

We offer more than 100 different games to rent, any time, for just $1 per day for up to 7 days (2 day minimum rental). Need a game quickly for an event or party? Been dying to try that expensive game, but don’t want to drop all that money before you’ve played it? Try our rental program!

Play-Test games in development

We support the game design and development community by organizing events to help unpublished games and their designers receive public play-tests and feedback. These events are FREE and open to anyone who wishes to play games that are still in development. If you’re an indie game designer, click the link below to learn how to get involved!

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We are inclusive

We are a safe, inclusive space for gaymers and gamers alike. All genders, sexual orientations, races, creeds, cultures, professions, and walks of life are honored, respected, and welcome here. We are a judgment, criticism, and violence-free zone.

Exchange Your Games

Take advantage of our game trade program by bringing in your used board games in exchange for store credit! Similar to our used book exchange. Conditions apply. Click the words above for more info.

Food & Snacks

We offer snacks, soft drinks, and water for $1. We're also right next door to the Bean Gallery coffee shop where you can get delicious snacks. We understand the need for sustenance while gaming!

Become a member

Join our Board Game Club for just $25 per year! Click the words above to join today.

200+ games available

From classics like Jumanji and Catan to strategy games like Agricola, our game library has something for everyone. Whether you're looking to play an in-depth strategy game or a quick, 10-minute time filler, we've got you covered!

Special Events

Check our events calendar for tabletop trivia, board game brunches, tournaments, demo days, monthly mixers, play testing days, makerspace days, and more! Members get discounts on special events.

Rotating Game Nights

Be on the lookout for us popping up at various local businesses for game nights. We're working on partnerships with breweries, coffee shops, and more to bring gaming directly to you!

Keep up with our gaming blog

Board game reviews, news, events, & more. Click the words above to read now.

View our Games

Click the button below to see our current list of games. We plan to add new games often, so make sure to check back frequently for updates! COOPERATE. COMPETE. STRATEGIZE. PLAY.