What is Independent Bookstore Day?

Independent Bookstore Day is a one-day national party that takes place at indie bookstores across the country usually on the last Saturday in April. Every store is unique and independent, and every party is different. But in addition to authors, live music, cupcakes, scavenger hunts, kids events, art tables, readings, contests, and other fun stuff, there are exclusive books and literary items that you can only get on that day. Not before. Not after. Check out our Indie Bookstore Day exclusive items below.

Independent bookstores are not just stores, we’re community centers and local anchors run by passionate readers. We are entire universes of ideas that contain the possibility of real serendipity. We are lively performance spaces and quiet places where aimless perusal is a day well spent.

In a world of tweets and algorithms and pageless digital downloads, bookstores are not a dying anachronism. We are living, breathing organisms that continue to grow and expand. In fact, there are more of us this year than there were last year. And we are at your service.

Check out our giveaways and exclusive items below!

Citywide Indie Bookstore Crawl!

We are participating in a citywide indie bookstore crawl on Indie Bookstore Day, Saturday, April 30! Seven local bookstores are participating: Tubby & Coo’s, Baldwin & Co., Blue Cypress Books, Garden District Book Shop, Octavia Books, Frenchmen Street Art & Books, and Community Book Center. Pick up a passport at any of the participating stores at the beginning of the day and hand it in at the end of the day. If you visit at least 4 of the stores, you’ll be entered into the general raffle to win a gift bag, and if you visit all 7 stores, you’ll be entered in the Grand Prize raffle to win a $25 gift card to EVERY store on the list (that’s $175 in books!). 

Indie Bookstore Day Exclusive Items

*These items will not be available for sale until 10:00AM Saturday, April 30. You can browse and make a wish list before then, but you cannot purchase before that time. Items will ONLY be available in-store (not online), so make sure to come early so you don’t miss out on what you want!*

Thunderous Exclusive Edition with Poster and Poem

Thunderous by M.L. Smoker & Natalie Peeterse

More interested in her social media presence than her Native American heritage, Aiyana is shocked when she suddenly finds herself in the magical Spirit World – with no cell coverage! Her dangerous journey through the Spirit World tests her fortitude and challenges her to embrace her Lakota roots. Includes an exclusive poster with a poem written by M.L. Smoker.

$17, paperback


Indie Bookstore Day Hotel-Motel Key Tag

Hotel-Motel Key Tag turquoise keychain reads: "Indie Reader"

Literary key tag inspired by the classic design of vintage motel keychains. Turquoise keychain reads “Indie Reader.”

$6, keychain, 3.5×1.75


Indie Bookstores Are My Jam Exclusive Mug

Coffee/tea mug, black, reads "Indie Bookstores Are My Jam, Independent Bookstore Day 2022" in white writing

Kenya ceramic with an anti-slip, natural cork base and spill-proof sliding closure lid keeps your drink safe and helps maintain your drink’s temperature for longer. FDA compliant and BPA free. Black mug with cork bottom/base and white writing that reads “Indie Bookstores Are My Jam, Independent Bookstore Day 2022.”

$17, mug, 14 oz.


When One Book Closes Another Book Opens, A Reading Journal

Brown reading journal with colorful writing that reads "When One Book Closes Another Book Opens, A Reading Journal"

A multi-purpose reading journal to document indie bookstores visited, track books read, and keep your reading life organized. Paperback journal is brown with colorful writing that reads “When One Book Closes Another Book Opens, A Reading Journal.”

$10, paperback, 100 pages, 5×7


Exclusive Leigh Bardugo Six of Crows Tote Bag

Leigh Bardugo Six of Crows Tote Bag, white and black with a crow and "No Mourners No Funerals" on one side and the city of Ketterdam and "Grishaverse" on the other side

Exclusive tote bag by Out of Print celebrating Leigh Bardugo’s beloved Six of Crows duology. Black and white tote bag features a black handle. One one side is a drawing of a crow with the writing “No Mourners No Funerals, Six of Crows,” and on the other side is a drawing of the city of Ketterdam with the writing “Grishaverse.”

$20, tote bag, 15×17, 11 in. strap (hanging)


World’s Smallest Kite Diamond

World's Smallest Kite in diamond shape

Size doesn’t matter for the easiest kite in the world to fly. The original paper tissue kite that fits in the palm of your hand is ready to fly right out of the package. 

Kite size: 3.2×4.5 inches

Pack size: 4.3×6.2 inches

$8.50, tiny kite,


Indie Bookstore Day Giveaways

The following incentives are ONLY available in-store on Indie Bookstore Day, Saturday, April 30. Orders for pick up are eligible, but note that you must spend the indicated amount BEFORE tax to qualify.

  • Spend at least $20 and receive a free mystery prize (while supplies last).
  • Spend at least $50 and receive a free mystery prize AND a free ARC (selected by us) with your order.
  • Spend at least $100 and receive a free mystery prize, a free ARC (selected by us) AND a free tote bag with your order.

Indie Bookstore Day Exclusive Freebies

The following giveaways are ONLY available in-store on Indie Bookstore Day while supplies last.

I Read Dangerously Pins

Red and white pin featuring a protest sign with "I Read Dangerously" written in black

Round 1.5 inch red button that reads “I Read Dangerously” inside the protest sign on the cover of the book Read Dangerously: The Subversive Power of Literature in Troubled Times by Azar Nafisi.

FREE, button/pin, 1.5 inch


“I Visited an Independent Bookstore Today” Sticker

Sticker reads: I visited an independent bookstore

Just like the I VOTED stickers, but for indie shoppers and supporters. Show off your indie pride!

FREE, sticker

Signed Books Available!

We have a number of signed books or signed bookplates (stickers to place in the book) that will be available on April 30. Below is a sampling of what we will have available, but not everything! Stop in and check out our selection for more.

Termination Shock by Neal Stephenson
Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak by Charlie Jane Anders
Jade City/The Green Bone Saga by Fonda Lee
One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston
A Magic Steeped in Poison by Judy I. Lin
The Mercenary Librarians Series by Kit Rocha
A Master of Djinn by P. Djéli Clark
Sundial by Catriona Ward