WAICGU #7: Ice, Ice, Baby

WAICGU #7: Ice, Ice, Baby

“I think somebody’s playing Robert. I just feel like there’s somebody else behind this besides Cersei, but I don’t know exactly who yet. It’s just a vibe.”


Jon III – Ned IV

In this Game of Thrones podcast from Tubby & Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop in New Orleans, host Candice Huber discusses the Song of Ice and Fire series along with her mom, Gail, who is reading it for the first time and has absolutely no knowledge of Game of Thrones.

In this episode, Candice and Gail discuss Jon III and Ned IV in A Game of Thrones. Gail is in awe of the ginormous ice wall, STILL doesn’t believe Tyrion had anything to do with the attempt on Bran’s life, gets even more distrustful of Robert, and prepares for war.

If you’re a fan, listen to re-meet your favorite characters and to gain a new perspective from, as Gail puts it, “a total Game of Thrones virgin.” And if you’re in the same boat as Gail and also know nothing about ASOIAF, this is your chance to get caught up on the story with someone who is just as new to it as you are.

Read along, listen along, and follow Gail’s journey through the series as she discovers for the first time just how brutal it can be. When you read Game of Thrones with your mom, you win or you die (laughing).

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