8 Days of Love & Torture Gift Recommendations: For Poetry Lovers

We can’t let a set of Valentine’s Day gift recommendations go by without recognizing poetry. Poetry is an amazing partner to love, as it also is to depression. Poets know just how to express feelings, and we’re excited about the opportunity to potentially introduce you to poets you may not already know. These fantastic books of poetry may just knock your pants off.


Siren Song by Tawni Waters, $15

Siren Song









To Die Next to You by Rodger Kamenetz, $20

To Die Next to You









Ever by Ralph Adamo, $16










All Night It Is Morning by Andy Young, $16

All Night it is Morning










Amber Porch Light by Gina Ferrara, $17

Amber Porch Light










How Fire is a Story, Waiting by Melinda Palacio, $15

How Fire is a Story









Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty by Christine Hepperman, $18

Poisoned Apples