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Tubby & Coo’s is a local queer-owned, progressive, nerdy, independent book shop in Mid-City New Orleans focused on science fiction and fantasy, queer, and diverse books. The shop is named after the owner’s grandparents, Tubby & Coo, who grew up in the same neighborhood where the shop is located. 

We’re a community center for nerds, geeks, and anyone who doesn’t feel supported elsewhere. We believe in creating change through building community, promoting literacy, and demanding social justice. We also ensure our community has access to stories that reflect diverse experiences. We envision a future where everyone is empowered, able, and encouraged to tell their own stories, regardless of social class, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, race, age, or culture. Every voice deserves to be heard, and we work to build a world where all voices are equally important.

Our motto: “It’s all Geek to me!” For more information, visit our FAQ page.

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 Contact Us:

 E-mail: info@tubbyandcoos.com

Phone: (504) 345-8491‬

Address: 432 N. Anthony St., Suite 305C, New Orleans, LA 70119 


Candice Huber (they/them) is a sixth generation New Orleanian and self proclaimed nerd/geek, and opening a book shop named after their grandparents has fulfilled one of Candice’s lifelong dreams. Candice serves on the national Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee, Science Fiction & Fantasy Task Force, and the Independent Bookstore Day Advisory Committee for the American Booksellers Association and is a writing, editing, publishing, and virtual event consultant. They are also helping to develop the Store Operations module for the Professional Bookseller Certification program. In the before-times, they hosted The Writers’ Forum on WRBH Reading Radio, focusing on interviewing science fiction and fantasy authors. Candice established TALES Publishing in 2018, which has thus far published three books, with the fourth on the way, a role-playing game supplement called Carnival of Creatures focusing on Louisiana monsters of myth and legend.

Candice started reading at the age of two, earning the nickname “Johnny 5” after the Short Circuit robot who loved “input” any way he could get it. Besides books, Candice loves board games, Star WarsSupernaturalDoctor Who, ThundercatsHe-ManShe-RaJem and the Holograms (see the 80s cartoon trend here?), musical theater, and Disney, among other geeky things. Candice also loves to write and tends to overachieve and get way too involved in things. Stop by, say hello, and ask for recommendations!



Address: 432 N. Anthony St., Suite 305C, New Orleans, LA 70119

Phone: (504) 345-8491

E-mail: info@tubbyandcoos.com

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