PREORDER 11/30/21 Carnival of Creatures by Alexis Braud


Preorder by September 1 and get a set of monster trading cards (20, one card for each monster in the book), an 8×10 print of the book cover, AND a personalized signed copy!

Welcome to the Carnival of Creatures!

Answer the call to adventure in a land of haunted rolling hills and dark dangerous bayous.

Inside Carnival of Creatures, you’ll find 20 monsters straight from Louisiana myth, lore, and legend with vivid illustrations and robust descriptions and stats to help breathe life (or death) into your roleplaying experience. Based in the Fate core system, these monsters can be used in your own adventures, or you can play one of our three provided regional one-shot adventures.

Spice up your table top with this collection of creatures from the hills of Natchitoches to the depths of the Crescent City!

Artwork by Alexis Braud

Descriptions, Text, Stats, & Adventures Written by Candice Huber