Board Game Exchange Program

We are now accepting used board games in exchange for store credit. Do you have games that you never play anymore? Looking to get rid of old games to make way for new ones? Bring your old games to us, and use the store credit to buy or order new games for your collection! Please take time to read through this page before attempting to exchange games.

Here’s How It Works

We accept used board games in exchange for store credit as long as they meet the following conditions:

  1. The game is not already in our library. You can view the list of games currently in our library here.
  2. The game is in excellent condition, meaning it is housed in the original box, there are no tears or rips in the box or in any of the components, the game is not missing any components, and the rule book is in tact, not ripped or torn, and in the box. Dinged and dented games may be accepted; however, we reserve the right to lower the amount of store credit given for a dinged and dented game.
  3. We do not accept legacy games that have already been played, as altered game boards and missing/ripped components would be in violation of criteria #2.
  4. We will accept out of print games as long as they meet criteria #1-3.

We reserve the right to determine the amount of store credit we will award after examination of the game(s) you are donating. Generally, we will award store credit in the amount of the lowest find-able price, up to $20 per game exchanged, up to $100 max in store credit. More information on how the lowest find-able price is calculated can be found below.

Q: What types of games do you accept?

We will accept games in any category EXCEPT playing cards and legacy games as long as the game(s) meet all of the above criteria.

Q: When can I bring my games to the store? How many can I bring in at a time?

We accept used board games on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between noon and 5PM. We accept up to five (5) board games at one time. Please no large plastic tubs or bins. Please note that it may take a little while when you bring the games in, as we will need to fully examine and count each game component to ensure it meets our criteria.

We may not be able to review your games quickly or immediately if we are busy. In this case, we will request that you leave your games with us for later review and fill out our board game intake form. This form will authorize us to enter any board game we end up accepting into our library, and you will promise to return within two weeks to take back any games we decline. If you do not return within two weeks, we will give away the declined games for free.

If you have a particularly large board game collection for sale and/or donation, please call the store or e-mail us at to arrange for a house call for us to review the games.

Q: How much do you pay for used board games? How do you calculate the “lowest find-able price”?

We give STORE CREDIT ONLY for used board games. The store credit you receive will generally be equal to the lowest find-able price of the game up to $20 in credit per game exchanged, up to $100 max in store credit, although we reserve the right to determine the amount of store credit given after examination of the game(s) you are exchanging.

The “lowest find-able price” will be determined by looking at distributor, publisher,, and websites, along with any other sites we deem necessary for research. Generally, store credit will be awarded in the amount of the lowest price we can find in our research.

For example, if we look at all of the sites listed, and our distributor is selling the game at a wholesale price of $20, the publisher is selling the game at a retail price of $40, lists the game at $25, and has the game listed at $20, then $20 would be the “lowest find-able price,” and we would award you $20 in store credit as long as the game you’re exchanging meets all of our criteria.

Q: Why won’t you take all of my board games?

Who says we won’t? 🙂 We cannot accept board games that are not in excellent condition. If the game is already in our library, we do not need it, as we want to hold the room we have for as many different games as possible. And we can’t accept more than 5 games at a time because it takes a LONG time to go through every component of every game being exchanged. Please understand that we are not a library or a donation dropoff center. We are a retail establishment that will only accept games if they meet the criteria set forth above.

Q: Can I just donate the Games you won’t take?

No. We appreciate the thought, but we have very limited space, and as we mentioned above, we are not a donation dropoff center. We recommend donating games to a nonprofit organization such as a local library or school, or a thrift shop.

Please keep in mind that we have very limited space for storage. We do not have room to stock duplicate games, and our need for particular titles or types of games may fluctuate.