Get Lit in 2018 with Tubby & Coo’s

Get Lit in 2018 with Tubby & Coo’s

Are you ready to get lit?

Welcome to the first Tubby & Coo’s reading challenge! We get asked a lot to help customers diversify their reading experiences, and we enjoy introducing them to things they’ve never even thought to read. This challenge is designed to stretch your reading muscles, broaden your horizons, expand your worldview, and most of all, have fun reading!

Below you will find 18 challenges, averaging to 1.5 per month over the course of the year. These challenges are meant to be exciting and fun and to introduce you to new things to read. You can count the same book for more than one challenge if it meets all the requirements, or you can choose to do a separate book for each challenge. There are no points, and no one is keeping score for you. It’s up to you to challenge yourself and to keep track of your own progress. The idea is for you to broaden your worldview and read things from different viewpoints and perspectives.

If you wish to discuss your progress and challenges or need ideas as to how to fulfill them, feel free to join our Facebook group. We will also be publishing blog posts/lists for each of the tasks and discussing the challenges on our podcast to help you along. Challenges showing as green in the list below have tips and suggestions available. Simply click on green challenges for help. 

If you complete all the challenges by December 31, 2018, you can take a photo or screenshot of your completed list and e-mail to us at by January 5, 2019 to receive a 20% discount at the store! Check back with us on social media and our blog as well, as we’re planning some surprises to go along with the challenges.

Ready to GET LIT? Try our Best Books of 2017 lit box, which includes books that will fulfill some of the challenges!

2018 Get Lit Challenges

  1. Read a book written by a woman of color.
  2. Re-read a book you were assigned in high school (or read if you were one of those kids who didn’t do assigned reading).
  3. Read a book published by a local small/indie press.
  4. Read a book written by or about a transgender person.
  5. Read a book set in the Middle East.
  6. Read a non-superhero comic from the past five years.
  7. Read a book where the main character has a mental illness.
  8. Read an alternate history book written by a person of color.
  9. Read a book that has won a Newbery Medal or Coretta Scott King Award in the past five years.

10. Read a comic or graphic novel that was written and illustrated by the same person.

11. Read a book with a cover you hate.

12. Read a book with a protagonist who is over the age of 50.

13. Read a YA science fiction or fantasy book.

14. Read a book with a queer main character.

15. Read a book that is banned or frequently challenged.

16. Read a translated book.

17. Read a book written by an immigrant or that explores the immigrant experience.

18. Read a National Book Award or Pulitzer Prize winner from the last decade.


Don’t forget to try our Best Books of 2017 lit box, which includes books that will fulfill some of these challenges!