Introducing Tubby & Coo’s Publishing!

Introducing Tubby & Coo’s Publishing!

We’ve been talking for quite a while about starting our own publishing imprint, and we are so happy to announce that Tubby & Coo’s Publishing is finally here!

Way back in December of 2015 (yeah, we know that was a while ago), we announced that we were accepting submissions for a brand new publishing imprint launching in 2016. And then 2016 happened. And, well, we all know how that went. Now that 2016 has come and gone, we’re putting it behind us and ready to move full steam ahead with launching our imprint this year! By backing this project, you’ll be supporting an indie bookstore AND indie authors AT THE SAME TIME. WHAAAAAAAAAT? How amazing is that? That’s right, as an indie bookstore, we’ve decided to bolster indie authors and help them publish books. That’s what this endeavor is all about.

Our goal with this new publishing imprint is to give voice and platform to independent authors. We’re working from a hybrid publishing model, which means that our authors get to keep all the rights to their own works just like with self publishing, but we are taking some of the profits to help with production, marketing, distribution, and all the behind-the-scenes tasks that make book publishing possible. The model is a lot more lucrative for authors than a traditional publishing model, plus they get support and marketing they wouldn’t otherwise get. And we, as an indie bookstore, get to support them and publish books we’re passionate about. Everyone wins! Well, everyone *will* win if you back this project.

So, what’s the absolute best thing you can do for yourself today? Take the day off? Nah. You need money. Soak in a hot bubble bath? Too much work. Sit and stare off into space? Getting warmer.

How about TREATING YOURSELF TO SOME BOOKS? Doesn’t that sound lovely? You could curl up with a nice cup of [insert drink here] and get lost in a world that’s not ours (because let’s face it, ours is terrible). Besides, if you don’t buy these books, you’re probably just going to spend this money on something dumb anyway. It’s not like you’re going to save the world with it. Be honest with yourself, you’re probably going to use it to buy some unnecessarily large cup of coffee or fast food because you didn’t feel like cooking. Don’t spend your money on something dumb like food. Spend it on something awesome like books.

Check out our new PUBLISHING PAGE for information on crowdfunding and rewards levels for backing us. We appreciate your support!