Join the League of Extraordinary Readers: Tubby & Coo’s Summer Reading Program




League of Extraordinary Readers

Tubby & Coo’s is recruiting our next class of Extraordinary Readers! We’re looking for kids who are ready to be trained to be a part of our own League of Extraordinary Readers. Each group of 10 kids will undergo four training sessions – one per week for four weeks – and at the end of the training program, you’ll be given the title of “Extraordinary Reader,” get to select your own reading superhero name, and become an honorary bookseller who can make staff recommendations and write your own book reviews for the store. The best thing of all? The entire program is FREE. Are you ready to accept this summer’s mission? Check out the details below and sign up here.


  • Training sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30PM.
  • First training session will be held Tuesday, July 12.
  • Last training session will be held Tuesday, August 2.


  • A registration and release form must be filled out by each kids’ parent or legal guardian in order to sign up.
  • If more than 10 kids are signed up, we will divide the kids into groups.
  • You can either sign up on our website below or fill out the paper form and mail it back to us at: Tubby & Coo’s, 631 N. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, LA 70119.
  • Sign Up Online Here!


  • During the first session, we will discuss the program and help our trainees select a book to read.
  • Each session afterward will focus on a particular training topic: character, plot, and theme.
  • We will discuss how books are made, how books are written, and what makes a good book review, among other topics.
  • Each session will be one hour and will include a basic training session and discussion about the book you select to read.
  • At the end of the four sessions, you will be a bonafide “Extraordinary Reader” and an honorary staff member!
  • Parents/Guardians are more than welcome to stay with their kids and participate in the discussion!