Pre-Order Saints & Sinners Festival Books!

Pre-Order Saints & Sinners Festival Books!

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Already know that you want a book from a Saints & Sinners author? We are offering a special deal for anyone who wants to pre-order books for Saints & Sinners. Pre-order and pay for your books upfront, and we’ll give you a 10% discount. Plus, we’ll bring the books with us to the festival for you to get signed! Or, if you choose, we can ship the pre-orders directly to your door FOR FREE.

The discount applies to books that aren’t even out yet! That’s right! Pre-order a book that you hear about at the festival through us, and we’ll extend the same discount and free shipping offer. Just visit our table at the festival or use the cart below to pre-order!

This discount/free shipping deal is only available through April 8! We’re giving you a bit of time after the festival to get your pre-orders in for upcoming books if you want to go home and ruminate before making a decision. You can also visit our table at the festival and mention that you’d like to pre-order upcoming books, and we’ll take your order right then and there and extend you the discount.

If you’d like us to bring your pre-ordered books to the festival, we must receive your order and payment no later than Monday, March 21. 

You may pre-order books here on our website by using the cart below or by calling the book shop at 504-598-5536. Be sure to have your credit card information handy for us if you decide to call.

SAS Fest Pre-Order Books


Andrews-Katz - Balls and Chain



Antoniou - Best Lesbian Erotica 2015


Antoniou - Marketplace


Baines - Puppet Boy


Bardsley - Brothers


Bensie - Flit



Bensie - Shorn






Byrnes - Holy Rollers


Chee - Queen of the Night


Currier - Based on a True Story



Currier - Best Gay Stories 2015


Currier - Until My Heart Stops


Davisson - The Star Set Matrix


Ford - Alec Baldwin



Ford - Jane Bites Back


Ford - Jane Goes Batty


Ford - Jane Vows Vengeance


Gomez - Gilda Stories


Greenwell - Who the Hell is Rachel Wells



Griffin - Crooked Letter I


Griggs - Bitter Heart


Gutkind - Southern Sin



Hallenstein - Dolphin


Hamburger - Faith for Beginners


Herren - Orion Mask


Herren and Redmann - Night Shadows



Holleran - Dancer from the Dance



Jackson - Biggest Lover



Keith - Love Christopher Street


Larson - Booklover's Guide


Lowrey - Lost Boi



Mann - Cub


Mann - Purgatory



Mann - Salvation


Merlis - JD



Picano - 20th Century Unlimited


Pratt - Bob the Book



Rabushka - Prophecy


Redmann - Shoal of Time



Richard - Butcher's Sugar


Richard - Motion Studies



Ricker - Unwanted


Rosenfeld - One that Got Away



Shapiro - Lincoln Avenue



Swatling - Calvin's HEad



SAS Fest Pre-Order Books


Horn - Jilo

Riley - Miss Match

Burgoine - Triad Blood

Lowe - Girls on Campus

Bardsley - Photographer's Truth

Baines - Orchard of Flesh

Herren - GD Gothic