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IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: Please note that shipping charges will be calculated when your order is processed. The flat rates listed below are the *minimum* shipping charge. When the final shipping amount is calculated, if it exceeds the minimum flat rate, additional shipping charges may be added. For additional shipping charges, we will e-mail you a separate invoice. Your order will not be shipped until all shipping charges are paid.

WHEN DO WE CHARGE ADDITIONAL SHIPPING? If there is more than one item in your order, the shipping cost may exceed the minimum flat rate listed. If your order includes non-book items, such as board games, we are not able to use USPS Media Mail and must use Priority Mail, which is more expensive. All shipping is based on the size of the box/envelope used and the weight of the item(s), so if your order exceeds the minimum flat rate due to weight or box size, additional shipping charges will be added.

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