Things People Say in Book Shops: Volume 1

Every day in the book shop, we hear the most interesting things from people. So interesting, in fact, that we’ve decided to start a series of memes called “Things People Say in Book Shops” to record these entertaining tidbits for posterity. You can find these on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, or right here on our blog. We hope you enjoy these!

What did our bookmarks ever do to you? November 30, 2014

Why a Bookmark

Right after Thanksgiving, a woman walked up to the counter where our bookmarks are, paused to look at them, and then asked, “Why would anyone want a bookmark?”

So, this is a library, right? December 5, 2014

Walk Into Book ShopThe other day, a man came in and asked if we take book donations. The conversation was much longer than this, but this is the gist:

Me: We will accept used books for store credit.

Man: Oh, so I can’t get cash for them?

Me: Unfortunately, we do not give cash for books, only store credit.

Man: Do you have a library here?

Me: A library? There’s one right down the street in the American Can Company.

Man: No, I mean here. In this place.

Me: This is a bookstore.

Man: Right, so people can lend out books here, right?

Me: People can buy books here.

Man: But you have used books?

Me: Yes.

Man: So this is a library?