10 Droids A-Beeping

The 10th day of Christmas is for my fellow Star Wars, space opera nerds. Check out these super cool gifts!


Star Wars Costumes     $60

Star Wars Costumes











The Imperial Handbook     $100

Star Wars Imperial Handbook










The Complete Vader     $60

Complete Vader











The Bounty Hunter Code     

Boxed Set     $100

Bounty Hunter Code










Book     $20

Bounty Hunter Code











Star Wars talking plushes     $26

Vader Yoda












Star Wars Death Star bottle opener     $20

Death Star Bottle Opener











Star Wars ice sphere mold    $12

Death Star Ice Mold











The Martian Andy Weir – It’s Castaway – IN SPACE!     $15

The Martian











William Shakespeare’s Star Wars     $15

WS Star WarsWS Empire Striketh WS Jedi