9 Dragons Dancing

If you’ve seen our reading room and/or our logo, you’ll already know that we LOVE dragons. There’s even one that guards the checkout counter! Plus, we all have Game of Thrones lovers in our lives. Feast on these items of ice and fire!


The World of Ice & Fire     $50

World of Ice and Fire











Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones     $40

Inside GOT











A Feast of Ice & Fire     $35

Feast of Ice & Fire











GRRM’s Calendar of Ice & Fire     $16

GOT 2015 Calendar











The Complete Book of Dragons     $15

Complete Book of Dragons











Dragon Age: Last Flight     $16

Dragon Age Last Flight











There’s a Dragon in the Library     $17

Dragon in the Library











Tristan and the Wise Little Dragon     $10

Tristan and the Wise Little Dragon










American Girl Bitty Baby’s Mini Dragon & Princess Book Set     $33

AG Dragon Set