Bans Off Our Books & Our Bodies

Tubby & Coo’s condemns the actions of local, state, and national governments in banning books, bodies, boycotts, and the other infringements they have enacted upon an individual’s right to make their own choices. We understand that trans, nonbinary, and other queer people, especially queer people of color, have been and are disproportionately affected. This webpage highlights Tubby & Coo’s efforts to raise money for local organizations protecting human rights and civil liberties and resources from these organizations and on book banning.

All proceeds that Tubby & Coo’s receives from this fundraising campaign will be donated to the New Orleans Abortion Fund, Louisiana Trans Advocates, and Women with a Vision. These are all local organizations in Louisiana fighting to protect human rights and civil liberties.

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Click on a link below to make a purchase that will support the organizations above that are protecting human rights and civil liberties and your own learning on these topics.

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Resources from the New Orleans Abortion Fund
Resources from Women with a Vision
Resources from Louisiana Trans Advocates

Learn More About Book Banning

Resources from the Louisiana Citizens Against Censorship
These are the Top 10 most challenged books lists from the American Library Association
Resources from the National Coalition Against Censorship

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