Brand New Games Added to Our Game Library!

Brand New Games Added to Our Game Library!
From Pretzel Games

We are constantly working to bring games to our library we think our customers might enjoy. We’ve recently added the following games to our collection:

  • Caesar & CleopatraA 2-player set collection/area control ancient Rome game
  • Castle Panic with Wizard’s Tower expansionA co-op dice rolling/hand management game
  • Codenames Duet: A 2-player deduction word game
  • DownforceA bidding/hand management racing game
  • ExoplanetsA card drafting/tile placement space game
  • Fire & AxeA viking strategy game
  • Flamme RougeA hand management/simultaneous action racing game
  • Flick Em Up: Dead of Winter*: A dexterity zombie fighting game that can be played both co-op and competitive
  • HotshotsA co-op dice rolling/press your luck firefighting game
  • Klondike RushA bidding/stock holding yeti game
  • LiguriaA set collection/pick-up & deliver nautical game
  • Loop, Inc.A hand management/action time travel game
  • Munchkin Booty Guest Artist Edition: Pirate themed Munchkin!
  • Tiny Epic DefendersA co-op, short, strategy/area control game
  • Tiny Epic KingdomsA bidding/bluffing/take that game
  • Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Heroes CallA bluffing/area control game
  • TrambahnA 2-player card drafting train game
  • UnearthA set collection/dice rolling/worker placement exploration game
  • ViralA deck building/area control virus/medical game
  • ZombicideA co-op dice rolling/hand management/miniatures game

Come out to our game room and try our new games!

*A Tubby & Coo’s favorite!